Tuesday, March 18, 2008

self image

I am really enjoying all of self promotion projects coming my way. Here are two from earlier this year. One I mentioned before from Julie Afflerbaugh Photography – and here is the finished product! Reminiscent of a trip to an old fashioned candy shop, the nearly edible colors and glassine bags allow Julie's photography to shine timelessly. This was such a rewarding collaborative effort between two Aries women!

And another from Cathy Nilo - colors that pop! and usefulness too. This was a little booth teaser for a Chicago trade show announcing new clothing lines represented and featuring a show schedule on the back to entice attendees to put them to use. Great idea for attracting attention as opposed to the old, run of the mill direct mail marketing junk!


Globalglamour said...

Hey, I like your blog...just wandering if you could pop by mine and take a look and maybe comment...I'm new and was wandering what people thought...it's www.globalglamour.wordpress.com

julia vandenoever said...

really beautiful work, alli. looking forward to having you do some promotional work for my business too.